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The Will to Reimagine The Study of Higher Education

Pre-Conferences: November 13-14
General Conference: November 14-16
Location: Portland, Oregon, USA

The Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE) convenes annually as a community of scholars dedicated to the study of higher education.  ASHE encourages proposals that advance knowledge and understanding of a wide range of issues pertaining to higher education as a field of study.  We welcome proposals from faculty, scholars, administrators, and students who work in higher education, public policy, or a related field; those who work within and across such disciplines as education, public policy, economics, history, philosophy, political science, psychology, and sociology; and those in state and federal agencies, philanthropic organizations, higher education associations, and other entities that use research to inform policy and practice.

If you do not have an ASHE log-in (i.e., you are not a member of ASHE, you have never been a member of ASHE, and/or you have never created a guest account to submit a proposal):

  • You may become an ASHE Member. *NOTE: Members receive discounted conference registration rates. 
  • You may create a guest account. To create a guest account: click on this link and select “Guest (Non-Member)" from the drop-down list on the Member Type. DO NOT create a guest account if you are an expired ASHE member or created a guest account last year. Please contact the ASHE office if you need assistance accessing your account. If you opt to create a guest non-member account, you may upgrade to a paid membership at a later date. Once you have created an account, return to the proposal system login page.


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