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37th Annual International Educators Roundtable: Educational Practices, Priorities, and Challenges in Europe: What we can learn from Ireland, Norway, and Spain

Sun, February 18, 3:25 to 5:00pm, Flamingo Hotel, Eldorado

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Summary for Conference Program

Esteemed European teacher educators join us to explore practices, trends, and research in their respective countries of Ireland, Norway, and Spain. Among the topics to be discussed include research-based teacher preparation, the development of professional competencies, mentoring, educational leadership, diversity and inclusion, multicultural and multilinguistic education, and emotional intelligence and wellbeing. Brief presentations will be followed by discussion with attendees, to understand the common challenges we face from one country to the next in preparing classroom teachers and educational leaders who are equipped to navigate complex social, political, and economic landscapes; to explore the ways in which universal issues in education are addressed in diverse European countries; and to share related educational experiences and insights within the context of multiple international perspectives.

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