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33rd Annual AWP Conference, 2008
Expanding the Boundaries of Feminist Psychology:
San Diego, CA
March 13 - 16, 2008

The theme of the 2008 AWP conference reflects a matrix at once personal, professional and political, in that it anticipates challenging considerations of feminist psychology's role on the social stage. Welcoming the insights of other disciplines, we broaden questions and answers about our response to women in war, in poverty and in differing sociocultural positions. Expanding the Boundaries of Feminist Psychology: Social Justice, Activism, and Resistance invites an exploration of these issues toward the goal of empowering ourselves and all feminists to act productively in response to the crises of our time. We want to create a space in which we will be inspired by the insights of various disciplines to examine issues of social justice such as Women and War, Immigration, Poverty, Reproductive Justice, Power, Privilege, and Difference. We want to expand the ways in which feminist psychology may contribute to cutting edge action that promotes transformations of social consciousness and empowerment for women all over the world. We envision a space for collaborative conversations and skill building for activism and resistance. What skills might we learn from community activists as well as from academic theorists? What strengths, self-definitions, and perspectives might we contribute? How must we be moved within feminist psychology, and what must we address in our culture in order to empower our voices to social action? We encourage proposals on these and similar topics. Academic papers that present research results or theoretical perspectives, as well as experiential workshops, programs or interventions that incorporate and facilitate Psychology's role in activism and social justice are welcomed.

The submission deadline is October 28, 2007.
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