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66th Annual Convention

Welcome to BEA2021!  BEA is the premiere international academic media organization driving insights, excellence in media production and career advancement for educators, students and professionals.  BEA’s annual convention – BEA2021 – produces over 250 sessions on media pedagogy, collaborative networking events, hands-on technology workshops, research and creative scholarship and the Festival of Media Arts. 

We are pleased to announce that the BEA2021 panel and paper submission site is up and running!  To best accommodate participants in our virtual conference, the panel submission deadline is a little later than usual: Friday, October 9th. 

BEA2021 will be a fully virtual conference. The great news is that because we reached this decision in early September, we have lots of time to make BEA2021 a strong, unique, valuable virtual experience. Paper and panel submitters can move forward with confidence, knowing that they’ll be participating in a virtual format, and not worrying about travel risks or expenses.

The BEA2021 Convention Spotlight is….. Facing the Future -- This year’s convention spotlight begins a three-year exploration of a theme, including Facing the Future (2021), Embracing the Future (2022), and Retracing the Future (2023). These spotlight topics can engage recursively with each other, invoking the past, present, and future. Facing the Future in BEA 2021 acknowledges the ever-increasing pace of change in the media industry. It also acknowledges the societal upheavals brought about by the combination of the coronavirus pandemic and increased awareness of social injustice. Before we turn our (hopefully optimistic) gaze next year to Embracing the Future, we must first assess where we are now, how we got here, and where our threats and opportunities lie. We must begin by Facing the Future.

Facing the Future serves as the BEA2021 spotlight, but papers are not limited to this area of research.  Papers should be submitted to the division that best fits that division’s goals and objectives.  Each division selects up to four papers for BEA2021 presentation and additional papers may be selected for the Scholar-to-Scholar digital research (poster) session.

NAB Convention:  BEA conferences are traditionally co-located with the NAB Show each April.  NAB will not meet in April 2021, but has announced a Las Vegas convention in October 2021. We’re looking into possible partnership opportunities, but it’s too early to say whether or what that might be. Stay tuned….and meanwhile, let’s plan for a great (virtual) BEA 2021.


Programming Opportunities (All sessions are one-hour in length):

Panel/Research Presentation Sessions: These are the standard interest division sponsored convention format sessions with a moderator, 3-4 presenters and, if desired, a respondent.

Workshops: Workshops should involve specialized training and professional development.

Technical Demonstrations: Equipment or software manufacturer/vendors are invited to bring in the latest communication technology to demonstrate. Faculty who have worked with the technology are encouraged to talk about their experiences with the equipment/software in the classroom or lab.

Showcases: These sessions highlight student work in which faculty have been involved. Showcases are to be more "show" than "tell."

Other ideas? Contact us if you have other alternative innovative ideas for program sessions, such as off-site tours or technical training at and we would be happy to talk about them.  Please visit for information on submitting panels and papers.


Program/Panel proposals must be received by 3:00 a.m. ET on October 9, 2020 and papers (including the research symposium) must be received by 11:59 p.m. ET on December 1, 2020.

Research-in-Progress submissions are due December 15, 2020.



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