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Welcome to the 2nd International Columbia Coaching Program Conference

The 2nd International Columbia Coaching Program Conference will be held on October 19 - 21, 2016 in New York City, USA.

Theme: Future of Coaching: Building Bridges and Expanding Boundaries!

Location: Teachers College on the Campus of Columbia University in New York City.

We are pleased to announce a call for proposals for the 2nd International Columbia Coaching Conference, to be held on the campus of Columbia University in New York, USA from October 19th – 21st, 2016! As a conference community, we invite attendees to boldly venture into the unknown by expressing our aspirations for the potential of coaching, and our questions about coaching as an emerging field, with an eye toward actively co-creating the future of coaching—together!

We will explore building bridges to connect areas that are often diverging:  for example, theory and practice; external coaches and internal coaching; academia and professional bodies; coaching and other helping roles (e.g., consulting, mentoring, therapy, counseling, facilitating, learning, and organization development).

We will also examine the various ways that coaching can amplify its impact by expanding boundaries, from a traditional one-on-one engagement to teams, groups, organizations and cultures; from live, in-person coaching to incorporating globally relevant technologies. What is needed for coaching to truly flourish in the future? We invite you to join us explore these and other questions during the 2016 conference!
Our conference theme builds on the provocative work of the 1st conference, “Space as Context for Executive and Organizational Coaching,” where we visited the history of coaching as an emerging area of professional practice, honored the legacy of those who have inspired us, and captured our collective wisdom as a community (our learnings), as well as the work yet to be done (our yearnings).

The Biannual International Columbia Coaching Conference, with a scholar-practitioner orientation, seeks to bring together a community of coaches, researchers, scholars, graduate students and others who operate in the boarder spaces of strategic talent development.2 Our 2016 conference theme is timely, given the leaders we serve are called upon to effectively navigate a 21st century workspace, increasingly characterized as a VUCA world (i.e., volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous)!

Specifically, the conference will focus on ways executive and organizational coaching can leverage its multi-disciplinary nature (i.e., bridges), while expanding its reach beyond individuals—attending to the intentional integration of coaching with other learning, change, development, growth and performance processes, in and for, organizations! We invite you to submit proposals in four categories: (1) paper presentations; (2) experiential learning sessions; (3) coaching demonstrations; and (4) panel discussions.

For our 2nd conference, paper submissions will represent the more scholarly end of the continuum (i.e., based on research, theory, or specific practice informed by theory and research). Experiential learning and coaching demonstrations are intended to capture the more applied end the spectrum (i.e., opportunities to directly experience and/or observe promising practices). Finally, panel sessions will provide ideal spaces for dialogue with three to five others that represent multiple perspectives on a topic.

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