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Chicago Illinois [at the historic Palmer House]
The conference formally opens: March 1-5, 2010
Pre-Conference: Sunday February 28, 2010
Reimagining Education

We are living in times of rapid ideological, societal, and economic change where new ways of thinking are likely to emerge that may radically transform the way we design and implement education. The central promise of universal education, to produce a more just and peaceful world, has yet to be realized. Nevertheless much has been achieved. We are constantly developing new ways of knowing and doing. Emerging paradigms allow us to envision a better future.

CIES participants are welcomed to engage in a rigorous and relentless interrogation of the role of education in fostering knowledge and values and how these have contributed to the current economic, social and political global environment. We invite presentation proposals that examine the interaction of education with governance at a large and regional scale and its effects at the micro levels on schools, classrooms, teachers and pupils. Presentations may explore questions such as how can education contribute to a new kind of world economy that could bring about greater social justice and stability? What is the interplay between economic and political globalization, and education at all levels? How do values, culture and context limit or enable different ways of thinking and educating? What is the symbolic and actual effect of policies and politics on education? What new models have emerged or are emerging as a response to educational, social, economic and environmental crises? In other words, this conference is an invitation to re-imagine education at all levels and contexts.

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