Individual Submission Summary

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The International Advisory Experience as a Case to Reflect on the Potential of Practice-Oriented Classroom Research

Thu, March 12, 1:15 to 2:45pm, Washington Hilton, Floor: Terrace Level, Fairchild East


IRPAN’s central objective was to improve and make more relevant teacher research, with the ultimate objective of improving instruction and student learning. The project attempted to accomplish this goal through international expert support of teachers as they developed explicit, concrete plans to translate their research into improved practice. Using this objective as a point of departure, the second presentation examines: (1) the context of teaching, learning, and conducting classroom research in Bogotá’s public schools, (2) the nature of research and research-to-practice projects conducted by teachers participating in IRPAN, and (3) the promise of translating this research to improved practice, both in the IRPAN project and in other efforts to improve teachers’ instruction through classroom research. This presentation is informed by several bodies of literature on teacher practice and research, including work related to teacher inquiry, participatory action research, and culturally relevant pedagogy. After presenting the objectives and framework of IRPAN as they related to teacher research and improved practice, the presentation examines several of participating teachers’ research-to-practice projects to illustrate the nature of teachers’ research and their objectives for translating this research to improved practice. The presentation concludes with reflections on the prospects for improved classroom practice and implications for future research-to-practice projects.