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Planning for the Quality of education for displaced populations

Tue, March 7, 4:30 to 6:00pm, Sheraton Atlanta, 1, Georgia 2 (South Tower)


The discussion on quality will focus on planning implications related to language of instruction and curriculum in education for displaced populations. Displacement data shows that close to two-thirds of refugees are displaced for more than five years, so that education services need to be provided for at least a medium to long term. Early adoption and/or transition to the use of the host country curriculum is the most sustainable option in most refugee settings. The challenges for education planning, such as additional targeted language support, teacher recruitment and training etc. and possible strategies to address them, will be discussed under this theme. The presentation will also look at the provision of textbooks and learning materials. Within displaced populations, there may be an enhanced need for education in learning to live together, tolerance, conflict resolution and reconciliation, particularly in situations where civil conflict has torn a country apart, as well as in displacement situations where locals and newcomers may have differences of ethnicity, religion and/or nationality. In such settings, it may be relevant to make small changes be made to textbooks if they are printed each year and to ensure that in the longer term, any new national curriculum and textbooks include these themes. Budgeting for the training of curriculum developers on educational materials on tolerance, conflict resolution and reconciliation is critically important.


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