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Workshop: Measuring Education Equity: Theory and Practice

Sun, March 5, 11:45am to 2:45pm, Sheraton Atlanta, Floor: 1, Georgia 7 (South Tower)

Session Submission Type: Workshop

Description of Session

This workshop aims to provide participants with a stronger understanding of the methodological and measurement challenges surrounding the analysis of educational equity and inequality. It will draw upon ongoing work from research efforts associated with the Education Equity Research Initiative, which is jointly led by FHI 360 and Save the Children, as well as those led by leading research and statistical organizations involved in the measurement and tracking of education inequality. During this workshop, participants will examine multiple ways of measuring inequality and compare outcomes across methods, to see if the understanding of inequality changes as a result of the method that was chosen. Through a series of hands-on exercises and short presentations, participants will be provided the opportunity to apply their knowledge of current measurement challenges to global tracking, and will test their intuitive understanding of inequality as related to the construction of metrics.

This workshop will present the audience with the work done by the co-authors of an upcoming publication; the International Handbook on Measuring Equity in Education, co-edited by the UNESCO Institute for Statistics and the REAL Centre, Cambridge. It will discuss the challenges associated with measuring equity in learning, the various concepts that can be mobilized to frame its measurement, how these can be operationalized as well as their implications for policy implementation. Attendees will be given keys to navigate between theoretical concepts of equity in education, mathematical and statistical constructs, and use of data and indicator for policy monitoring. They are expected to come out of the workshop with a good understanding of the steps required to monitor equity-oriented policies and programmes.

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