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Comparative and International Education Society | 62nd Annual Conference

Re-mapping Global Education
Mexico City, Mexico – March 25-29, 2018

For many centuries, maps have been used to understand the world. Besides delineating geographic boundaries, maps have been marked by borders and hierarchies of knowledge and power – between Old World and New World, East and West, North and South, and between & within nation-states.

In a similar way, comparative and international education as a field has reflected divisions between what have been characterized as developed and developing nations, and by notions about where and by whom knowledge is generated and exchanged. The knowledge exchange has often been a monologue in which the “experts” of the North speak to and study the South. Yet, as global forces increasingly connect local actors across divisions and borders, opportunities arise to remap intellectual boundaries and reshape the flow of global knowledge production and exchange in education.

The theme of CIES 2018, “Re-mapping Global Education,” aims to shift the traditional starting point of research to a greater extent toward the global South. This shift not only enables South-North dialogue, but also enhances North-South dialogue and the expansion of South- South collaboration. The new map requires us as scholars and practitioners to expand our awareness of the voices, actors and knowledge producers that have historically been marginalized in educational research and institutions. Taking advantage of the widening epistemological parameters of our field, we will focus the conversation on theories and methodologies produced in the global South, with a view toward exploring new voices around the globe. This perspective impels us to forge commitments with greater dedication more than ever across all kinds of borders and to re-envision possibilities for cooperation and mutual support in advancing education research and practice.

CIES invites proposals for papers, panel sessions, roundtables, and poster sessions that build on the expansion of the parameters of knowledge production and educational practice along these lines within the field of comparative and international education.