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Measuring 21st century skills: Can we do it? How?

Wed, March 28, 10:00 to 11:15am, Hilton Reforma, Floor: 2nd Floor, Don Diego 4 Section B


The complex world in which we live today requires young people who can collaborate, communicate, think critically, contribute as active citizens and co-exist peacefully with those from different backgrounds. Though there is still debate about the terminology (21st century skills, breadth of skills, socio-emotional learning, transversal competencies – just to name a few), there has been a growing recognition worldwide that education systems must move beyond the traditional domains of learning and facilitate the acquisition of these “other” skills and competencies.

In recognition of this, under A4L GPE is working closely with the Center for Universal Education at the Brookings Institution in order to conduct a landscape review focused on identifying the various stakeholders working in the space, what each one is doing, what opportunities for collaboration exist, and what role GPE can play in convening partners to support this effort. This has been bolstered by some initial data collection in selected countries of the Asia-Pacific, focusing on what tools and frameworks these countries are using to measure 21st century skills in basic education at present.

The initial findings of the landscape review will be shared in this presentation, as well as preliminary work underway to collect data in selected countries of sub-Saharan Africa in support of the same exercise. In addition, the presentation will explain how the landscape review will inform the eventual development of tools for measurement of 21st century skills which will be developed under the aegis of A4L for the benefit of GPE DCPs in particular.