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Capacity development and organisational change in support of Conflict Sensitive Education: Reflections after 6 months

Tue, March 27, 8:00 to 9:30am, Museo de Arte Popular, Floor: 1st Floor, Manitas 1


Conflict sensitive education (CSE) is dependent on a heightened awareness of the ever-evolving context within which an organization operates. The INEE defines CSE as a process of analyzing the two-way interaction between the context and education programs and policies and of acting to minimize the negative and maximize the positive influences of education policies and programming. If education policies are not conflict sensitive, education may actually create or exacerbate existing tensions between groups. However, as Reisman and Janke (2015) stress, there is a need that CSE "should be better understood and adopted by all partners". Responding to this need, the INEE conducted a 4 day CSE training of trainers (ToT) workshop in Amman in 2017. This ToT included a research component to better understand the short-term impact of the training on CSE capacity building, policy and practice within participating organizations. The research documented the extent to which CSE concepts and approaches were adapted, internalized, and institutionalized into organizational structures. This paper will present the findings of this research.


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