Individual Submission Summary

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Adapting INEE’s Conflict Sensitive Education materials to local contexts: A case study of Afghanistan

Tue, March 27, 8:00 to 9:30am, Museo de Arte Popular, Floor: 1st Floor, Manitas 1


INEE has developed many valuable resources for education practitioners, but knowing how to adapt these materials, determining what to prioritize, and ensuring local relevance is crucial to maximize impact in day-to-day implementation of education programs. INEE's Conflict Sensitive Education (CSE) pack provides stakeholders with strategies for how to integrate conflict sensitive approaches into education policies and programs in conflict-affected, fragile environments, but given the complexity of conflict- with each environment experiencing conflict to varying degrees- a one-size-fits-all approach will not provide the most appropriate or relevant support necessary to help local communities and government support education in crisis.

This presentation will describe the process of adapting the CSE pack to be more context-specific by reflecting on the process of adapting it for use in Afghanistan. After providing a brief contextual overview of the conflict in Afghanistan, we will share challenges, lessons learned and strategies to effectively and meaningfully adapt these resources to ensure maximum benefit. We will describe how the CSE pack has helped in identifying methods for supporting project staff, local partners and government officials to apply a conflict sensitive lens in their day to day practice. We will also provide an update on the impact that receiving CSE training has had by examining changes in perception of conflict, roles and responsibilities, and the overall flexibility to effectively respond to a complex and changing environment.


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