Individual Submission Summary

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Institutional capacity building in a conflicted environment: The case of the Emergency Crisis Response Project, North-East Nigeria

Tue, March 27, 8:00 to 9:30am, Museo de Arte Popular, Floor: 1st Floor, Manitas 1


This presentation will focus on the effective institutional capacity building activities carried out by the Education Crisis Response project in North eastern Nigeria. Following a brief account of the project's primary objectives, the presentation will highlight the critical significance of collaborative partnership with local stakeholders in pursuit of the project objectives. Equality, reciprocity, and the articulation of shared vision and strategy by all partners is the basis of this partnership. Partnership that promotes complementing each other's efforts in achieving the desired goal or goals. Institutional capacity building reinforces this process. It helps address gaps. It encourages learning by doing using feedback loops. And it creates a platform whereby all stakeholders with the same vision come together on a voluntary basis to realize their aspirations. The presentation will describe how the Nigeria Education Crisis response partnered with State government counterparts, CSO, community structures, and other partners in pursuit of its ideals. It will describe the mechanisms it put in place to ensure the uniformity of implementation across states and LGEAs. It will try to articulate how much effort has been made to ensure high delivery standards.


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