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USAID’s vision for community-based education delivered through a non-formal education model and approach

Wed, March 28, 8:00 to 9:30am, Hilton Reforma, Floor: 2nd Floor, Don Diego 1 Section C


Children and youth in Northeast Nigeria have historically faced significant challenges in accessing education. The Boko Haram insurgency, which escalated in 2014, aggravated an already fragile education system, forcing schools to close and leaving even more school-aged children and youth without opportunities for quality educational opportunities. In response to the disastrous effects of the violence and the dire conditions for those displaced, USAID/Nigeria designed an Education Crisis Response project based upon the rationale that education can help restore social cohesion and participatory decision-making. Through education, children and youth are able to develop critical thinking and peaceful problem-solving skills. Furthermore, the inclusion of out-of-school youth into an education system can help mitigate youth disaffection and promote positive youth development. Finally, education offers protection to children and provides them with structured opportunities to develop cognitively, socially and emotionally.

This presentation explores USAID’s vision for an Education Crisis Response project that would expand enrollment in appropriate, protective and relevant ways for girls, boys and youth affected by violence in Northeast Nigeria. Working with and through state and local institutions, this project would address high drop-out rates, overcrowding of classrooms, and a shortage of qualified teachers and instructional materials while building capacity at local levels. Through a phased, conflict-sensitive approach, the Education Crisis Response would assess needs, design and implement accordingly, and then expand into other areas when conditions allowed. The response would strengthen government and civil society support for non-formal education options, mobilize communities to better understand the benefits of education, and increase the availability of quality child-friendly literacy, numeracy and life skills instruction.


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