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Conflict Sensitive Education Series - Measuring Progress Appropriately: Indicators for Safe Learning Environments, Conflict Sensitivity, Access and Retention, and Program Adaptation

Thu, March 29, 8:00 to 9:30am, Hilton Reforma, Floor: 4th Floor, Doña Adelita

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As attention grows to the complex interplay of local context with education policy, planning, delivery, materials and personnel there is a need for better ways to understand, measure and convey conflict sensitive education tools and approaches. The proposed Conflict Sensitive Education (CSE) Series aims to offer 3 separate panels, each designed to shed light on different aspect of CSE. The three panels include one related to rapid education and risk analysis; one to progress assessment; and one to introducing CSE concepts and approaches to local education institutions.

This proposed panel is designed to share progress on emerging sets of indicators to aid in monitoring the safety of learning environments; education equity (access and quality); the conflict sensitivity of education policy, planning, materials, and delivery; and the local adaptability of education programming to complex and volatile contexts. Four separate panelists will share presentations describing their work in these four overlapping domains, with the aim of further enlisting participants in ongoing indicator refinement and vetting.

The idea is that, in order to be conflict-sensitive in our programming, we need indicators that allow us to understand dynamics around equitable access and the safety of learning environments; we need indicators of how conflict-sensitive we are being on our projects; and we need to know how well we are using all this information to adapt our programming to be responsive to conflict and context dynamics.

Each panelist will situate his/her specific indicator domain within the larger context of conflict sensitive education: why are indicators for progress in this domain necessary for advancing Conflict Sensitive Education? How do these indicators fit within the larger context of conflict sensitivity? Panelists will describe the range of existing research, tools and related sources used to form the starting point of their indicator development work. They will describe the process used and planned to identify, refine and vet indicators. Panelist will share the particular challenges or considerations related to indicator development work in their domain.

In particular, we hope through this panel to:

• make explicit the relevance of each indicator domain to conflict sensitivity overall;
• explain the commonalities in the detected gaps and felt needs for this work to be done (including what is a “good indicator”)
• describe the diverse starting points and therefore approaches taken in each domain (
• share the products of our indicator work thus far (indicators + PIRS, guidance, tools)
• highlight remaining challenges/issues and next steps (e.g., piloting plans)

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