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Health Literacy, Life Skills, Social Inclusion: Defining Minimum Outputs for Core Health Personal-Social Development (HPSD Education)

Thu, March 29, 11:30am to 1:00pm, Hilton Reforma, Floor: 4th Floor, Don Alberto 4

Group Submission Type: Round-table Session


A global working group has being convened by the FRESH Partnership, a committee of UN agencies and global organizations, to investigate, discuss and report on the better policies, programs practices and realistic outputs for student learning in health literacy and safety, life and coping skills (including social & emotional learning) and social inclusion (including human rights, global citizenship, social responsibility and reducing alienation and violent extremism). This round table discussion will present some of the findings to date and seek input from participants.
The focus of the WG is on identifying and summarizing realistic policy/program development directions and alternatives for countries in different contexts, including low resource, high resource and those recovering from emergencies and conflicts as well as adaptations for indigenous and other communities. The challenge being addressed is how to realistically combine these three areas of student learning objectives within the core health-personal-social development (HPSD) education curricula or learning programs that currently exist in countries as well as in the emerging/existing models of inter-disciplinary learning across core subject areas. (Note: An HPSD educational program can include formal curricula, classroom instruction, peer-based education, technology-assisted learning, co-curricular activities, non-formal learning activities and school routines to promote student learning.
Core curricula and education programs promoting Health, Personal and Social Development (HPSD) are being considered by this project in three different contexts; low, high and conflict/disaster-affected. Teacher education & development is part of this WG. An international research network with the World Education Research Association will develop research projects based on the WG recommendations.

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