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Accelerated Education: Building the Evidence Base

Tue, March 27, 3:00 to 4:30pm, Hilton Reforma, Floor: 2nd Floor, Don Diego 1 Section C

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It has been widely recognized that rigorous evidence is needed to move from the perceived to the demonstrated benefits of Accelerated Education (AE) and that evidence in this area is scarce. It has also been noted that a deeper understanding of how Accelerated Education Programme (AEPs) are currently being implemented and how effective AEPs are in reaching these perceived benefits is needed.

Recognizing the critical need for clarity around AE as a basis for research, evaluation and effective delivery, the AEWG has developed a clear definition of AE and reviewed, distilled and field tested a set of global good practices and guidelines for AEPs. In early 2017 the AEWG also developed an Accelerated Education Learning Agenda

The AEWG's Learning Agenda has two broad objectives:
1. Further assess the efficacy of AE programming using the Principles in terms of outcomes: access and equity, equity of learning outcomes that meet set standards, completion, and transition to multiple pathways: further formal or non-formal education (including vocational training), and supporting the creation of livelihood opportunities.
2. Evaluate the contribution and cost-effectiveness of AEPs to national and global provision of equitable access to quality basic education, particularly for fragile, insecure, and underfinanced environments.

This presentation will introduce the AEWG Learning Agenda, discussing the agreed themes and research questions and briefly talk about proposed and ongoing research in this area.

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