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Lessons Learned from Education in Emergencies Knowledge Transfer Strategies

Thu, March 29, 3:00 to 4:30pm, Hilton Reforma, Floor: 2nd Floor, Doña Socorro

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Who holds the definition of education in emergencies? Who disseminates that knowledge to whom and how? This panel’s theme is knowledge transfer and it aims to share findings from three Save the Children strategies for sustained knowledge transfer towards reducing the North-South dichotomy. The first study describes the agency global, participatory process to create consensus around the definition of EIE. The steps included, a global identification of EIE interventions across acute response to protracted, multiple crises; mapping of available evidence; soliciting the best resources from around the globe; and pulling it all together into a single Toolkit. The second study, Findings from a Mentorship Training Model, shares learning from over a year of testing most effective methods for sustained adult knowledge transfer on EIE skills and competencies. The third study, takes us into the classroom, and reveals findings from pilot studies of training teachers to deliver literacy, numeracy and wellbeing curriculum in two distinct contexts, South Sudan and Egypt. Tying the studies together are reflections on: the opportunities and challenges in shifting knowledge transfer strategies from habitual north-south models to more horizontal models, the tricky balance between standardization and contextualization, and the persistent challenges to sustainable change in EIE delivery. Following the three presentations, discussant, Name deleted, Education in Emergency Senior Specialist for UNICEF Eastern and Southern Africa Office will offer thoughtful counterpoint from her perspective of managing education in emergency capacity building. Chair, Name Deleted, will open and close the session providing commentary on the global interagency context of knowledge transfer initiatives within the field of EiE.

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