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Teacher Education Reforms: How National Government Visions Get Translated into Practice: The Case of Early Grade Reading in Afghanistan and Social Emotional Learning in Nigeria

Tue, March 27, 11:30am to 1:00pm, Hilton Reforma, Floor: 14th Floor, Suite 4 (Room 1401)

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The ability to read and comprehend a plain text is one of the fundamental skills that a child can learn. Basic literacy is the foundation children need to have to be able to learn all other subjects across the curriculum (USAID,2016). A strong educational system that includes professionally trained teachers, high quality learning materials and methodologies is essential to teach reading. Student well-being, particularly in conflict and crisis-effected contexts, can impact student achievement. While hard evidence to this may be limited, there is a gathering of anecdotal evidence, which supports the need to provide social emotional learning (SEL) inputs for learners – particularly in contexts under stress. The purpose of this panel is to analyze teacher education reforms with reference to early grade reading instruction in Afghanistan and in Social Emotional Learning in Nigeria. The panel will analyze how pre-service and in-service teacher development initiatives as well as school based coaching and mentoring activities are shaped by contextual drivers of change. A theory of change perspective, is applied to a conflict-affected context to explore the motivation, strategies and practices of reforms from the point of view of national government and implementing partners. A Community Driven Development (CDD) approach will also be utilized to analyze how the teacher reform contributes to institutional building, empowerment and sustainability of transferred capacities.

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