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The Role of the Philosophy for Children in the Ethics Education of Waikiki Elementary School

Tue, April 16, 1:30 to 3:00pm, Hyatt Regency, Floor: Bay (Level 1), Bayview B


Over the past years, Waikiki Elementary School (WES) in the State of Hawaii has been recognized for educational excellence. In this portrait study (Lawrence-Lightfoot, 1997), the authors aim to document the “bright spots” that have positively impacted the school culture/climate in the past 15 years. This study offers a comprehensive look at key programs, people, and initiatives that have impacted the overall wellness of the school. The authors have interviewed about 20 faculties from WES and are recruiting more participants including community partners, parents, faculty, and staff who have knowledge about the development of the school. The emerging result shows that the philosophy for children in Hawaii (p4cHI) has played an essential part in the ethics education of WES and has not only been regarded as a course but also a belief that influence both teachers and students’ behaviors inside and outside of the school. Because the research is ongoing, this presentation will serve as a report of the study’s findings and it will outline the next steps in the presenters applied research agenda.