Individual Submission Summary

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How do we effectively work with teachers to build social emotional competencies and well-being in real life situations?

Tue, April 16, 1:30 to 3:00pm, Hyatt Regency, Floor: Bay (Level 1), Bayview B


There is a growing body of research that suggests teachers who master social emotional learning, have improved wellbeing and stronger classroom management strategies are better equipped to create an effective and supportive learning environment in the classroom, with the assumption that this leads to better learning outcomes. Currently most Teacher Professional Development (TPD) interventions have a primary focus on technical skills and subject knowledge and in crisis affected contexts there is also a lack of an evidence base on what is effective TPD. WCH has developed a multi-dimensional TPD intervention that works through coaches to improve the SEL, wellbeing and foundational classroom management skills and knowledge of teachers in real life, classroom settings. This presentation will outline both the development process including the theory of change, practice run findings, intended outcomes as well as the proposed research protocol for pilot and evaluation. We will also discuss the learnings and challenges we have encountered along the way and what impact this may have on teacher education programmes.


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