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International Linkages and Networking Initiatives of the Lyceum-Northwestern University: Basis for Improvement -Centered Intervention Model

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International Linkages and Networking Initiatives of the Lyceum-Northwestern University: Basis for Improvement -Centered Intervention Model
by: Dr. Veronica F. Aquino and Atty. Armando M. Aquino *

Internalization brings about changes and innovations in society that affects people in his relationship with others and his environment.
Higher education institution in the international scenario are encouraged to initiate modern interventions to cope with the needs and requirements of a digital world. It is the focus of this study to design a model for international linkages networking a linkages particularly for Lyceum-Northwestern University to improve its networking and linkages program .
The study is focused on the development of a workable and double design for international linkages and networking which may also be adapted by other Higher Education Institution (HEIs) in the Philippines. It is the objective of this study to determined the initial partnerships/linkages networking initiatives of the university which will serve as a model for other HEIs to initiate reforms for internationalization. The international linkages and university partners are members of the University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific such as, Toyo University in Japan, Dongseo University in Korea, Daffodil International University, Bagladesh and Guangdong University of Foreign Studies.
The researcher prepared a survey questionnaire for administrator, faculty and students. The questionnaire was devised to determine the extent of knowledge of the respondents on networking and linkages, the implementation of the networking initiatives, problems encountered and the evaluative measure which will serve as basis or inputs for designing an improvement –centered intervention model for international linkages and networking.
A dry-run of the questionnaire was conducted in a university department wherein this population was not included as respondents. The suggestions to improve the instrument was incorporated in the questionnaire.
The improved questionnaire was administered to the, to the administrators, faculty and students of the university. The questionnaire includes items on the total management of the linkages and networking initiatives, the personnel involved, administrative support, facilities / and material resources and financial support.
*Dr. Veronica F. Aquino, Vice-President, External Affairs and International Linkages, Lyceum Northwestern University. Armando M. Aquino, Officer-In-Charge, Dean College of Law, Lyceum Northwestern University

The data that was collected were analysed and interpreted. The review of related literature and studies served also as the basis for the interpreting the data particularly
on the identification and confirmation on the similarities as well as differences and other factors of the previous studies conducted by other researches.
The implications of the data gathered, analyzed and interpreted were likewise taken into consideration for the construction of a model for internationalization program of the Lyceum-Northwestern University.
Based on the findings of the study the total management and administration of program was rated very satisfactory. The personnel involved was likewise rated very satisfactory while the facilities and material resources available was rated moderately satisfactory. The financial support was rated satisfactory. It was revealed in the study that the problems encountered by the respondents are: lack of financial support which was ranked the highest, while the material resources and facilities was ranked the lowest. The study also established whether there was a significant relationship between the total administration of the programs and the problems encountered by the respondents.
It was revealed in the study that financial support, management support as well as material resource and facilities was significantly correlated with the problems encountered by the respondents.
The following conclusions were drawn based on the findings of the study: The problems encountered were significantly correlated but negatively correlated with administration/management and personnel involved.
Based on the findings and conclusions, the following recommendations are advanced: Since the study involved respondents from a particular university, it is recommended that a similar study should use a greater number of respondents from other higher education institutions in the Region. Aside from the variables used in the study, other factors that may contribute to the better understanding of the problems encountered should be included for further studies.
It is also recommended further that the designed improvement-centered intervention model by the researcher will be proven for its acceptability and adaptability for other higher education institutions to improve and enhance their international linkages and networking projects and programs for global cooperation and collaboration of higher education institutions.


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