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Technical barriers to the use of learning assessment data: Technical Capacity of Planners

Thu, April 18, 3:15 to 4:45pm, Hyatt Regency, Floor: Street (Level 0), Regency B


Even if the assessment systems are in place, many countries seem to be suffering from various quality issues regarding assessment design and administration (UIS, 2018). However, educational planners are usually considered not directly involved in the assessment implementation that are related to the instrument construction, sampling design, data collection, and data preparation. These activities are usually carried out by curriculum/test developers, researchers, and statisticians. Yet, educational planners are in an intermediary position to act as ‘information brokers’, where they should understand the technicality and proactively communicate the findings in a non-technical language to be understood by larger audiences including the policy makers (Saito & van Cappelle, 2010). Lack of understanding in these activities may lead to an inefficient communication and decision-making.

The panel presentation will focus on the following question:

• What are the technical barriers especially related to the competencies of the educational planners that may limit the use of existing learning assessment data in policy and planning?

This presentation will draw on the presenter’s experience when working with educational planners and managers in sub-Saharan African countries who are responsible for monitoring and evaluating the quality and equality of their education system. Concrete examples of the capacity of the educational planners from sub-Saharan African countries will be discussed.


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