Individual Submission Summary

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Mexico’s response to SDG 4 challenges. The view from INEE, Mexico.

Thu, April 18, 11:45am to 1:15pm, Hyatt Regency, Floor: Street (Level 0), Regency B


In the era of the SDGs, countries are tasked with reporting on new indicators that require new data, especially data on learning outcomes. These new data will require additional collection, which may require new approaches. While there are political, technical and operation challenges in implementing global guidelines and requirements for reporting, countries will need to align to these global guidnlines. . Depending on the development and economic stage of a country, the willingness of a country to comply and the capacity and resources available in a country, collecting new data to report on learning indicators will take some balancing and negotiation between organizations and ministries within countries.
This presentation look at country responses to SDGs from financial, technical and operational aspects of reporting. It will highlight the challenges that one country faces in implementing the work programs to fulfil the requirements to report on SDGs.