Individual Submission Summary

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Developing and sustaining a resilient early childhood care and education system in Seychelles

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Although ECCE Programmes were being delivered as part of the functions of selected ministerial sectors, it was the adoption of the Moscow Framework for Action which initiated the development of a coherent ECCE system in Seychelles. The Seychelles Framework for ECCE which set the vision, was drafted, the Institute of Early Childhood Development (IECD) was established and this led to structural arrangements which provided IECD with the legal mandate to advocate for ECCE, coordinate sectoral programmes, regulate childminding services, and make financial provisions for ECCE initiatives. One of the innovative feature of the ECCE system was the development and implementation of National Action Plans with a research base, strong monitoring and evaluation framework, and dynamic technical transformational leadership strategies. Rapid progress and remarkable achievements in research, publications, disseminations through conferences and forums, national programmes and projects on early learning, social protection, maternal health, community engagement, data management, development of standards, advocacy, training and capacity building for ECCE practitioners, monitoring child development and the early learning environment. In 2017, Seychelles was designated as a Best Practice Hub for ECCE in the First International Biennial Conference by the International Bureau of Education (IBE) UNESCO. This was a precursor to the establishment of IECD as a UNESCO Category 2 Institute for Early Childhood.