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Evidence and Learning for Improved Impact in Access, Reading, and Governance

Tue, April 16, 1:30 to 3:00pm, Hyatt Regency, Atrium (Level 2), Waterfront C


This presentation will look at the learning and consequent adaptation that ACCELERE!1, USAID, UKAID the Ministry of Primary, Secondary and Professional Education (MEPS) has incorporated over the last three and a half years. Under the Access program area, we will describe what we learned from back-to-school and door-to-door enrollment campaigns and how we adapted program activities to improve sustained enrollment of learners in the early grades. Under the Quality program area, we will describe noteworthy gains in EGRA scores in spite of challenges in logistics for distribution of materials. We will also describe our learning from the project’s formative assessment framework including: Theory of Change, Fidelity of Implementation (of project and reading program), EGRA results, and Quarterly Assessments, and how teaching and learning materials, trainings, and coaching activities have been adapted. In Governance we learned time and time again the nefarious impact of school fees on households throughout DRC. We will describe how we adapted Grants-giving and community-based accountability activities accordingly.

The panel will conclude with a collaborative interactive exercise where groups will be presented with learning and/or challenges and asked to brainstorm adaptations that ACCELERE!1 could consider.


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