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Digital Technology and Perceptions on Use: An analysis of higher education faculty in Asia

Tue, April 16, 1:30 to 3:00pm, Hyatt Regency, Floor: Bay (Level 1), Bayview B


Digital technology has acutely affected the ways in which individuals interact with and within educational institutions, altering the dynamics of pedagogy and creating new forms of classroom interface and interaction.  While there have been studies which examine the impact of digital technologies within education, there are relatively few which explore faculty perceptions toward digital technology within higher education in Asia. This study examines faculty perceptions on digital technology across ten countries and regions in Asia, including India, the Philippines, Indonesia and China.  Results show a strong positive correlation between individual faculty’s use of digital technology in the classroom and their perceptions on surrounding faculty’s proficiency with digital technology.  Results also show a strong positive correlation between an institution’s digital policy and the creation of unique digital outputs. Results suggest the importance of developing a digital policy framework to support faculty development and institutional identity.