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Sustainable capacity building in fragile states by implementing GPE principles

Thu, April 18, 1:30 to 3:00pm, Hyatt Regency, Floor: Bay (Level 1), Seacliff C

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Global Partnership for Education (GPE) operates on 8 principles agreed by all GPE members. Three of those principles are key to GPE’s country operations: i) Inclusive, evidence-based policy dialogue; ii) Country ownership & nationally identified priorities; iii) Mutual accountability & increased transparency. These principles are operationalised in GPE’s Country Operating Model. Norms and behaviours of implementing these principles are guided by GPE’s guidance notes on ESA, ESP, ESP Appraisal, GA Selection, and ToRs for Local Education Group, Coordinating Agency and Grant Agency.

However, government capacity, and strengths of the CA and GA interferes with the expected norms and behaviors as mentioned in the ToRs hampering smooth application of the principles through the GPE country operating model. This is especially true in countries affected by fragility and conflict, where often stakeholder engagement is patchy, data is not readily available, and accountability forums and mechanisms are hard to establish. There are cases where application of these principles built country capacity to plan better and deliver education to the children.

The purpose of this panel is to present applied research findings in the form of case studies from Yemen, Eritrea, Lesotho and South Sudan. The cases will show how GPE grants and processes helped the countries to build ministry capacity to implement GPE principles with support from GPE grants and guidelines. Eritrea will present how they conducted an education sector analysis in a context where data was not readily available. South Sudan will present how the consultation after the education sector analysis helped the ministry identify the right priorities for the education sector plan. Yemen will present the case of bringing together actors from various political and ideological spectrum into one group working. Lesotho will present the case of conducting joint sector review with support from GPE that established a forum for mutual accountability in the education sector.

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