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The Present and Future of Technology-Supported Teacher Coaching

Mon, March 23, 3:30 to 5:00pm, Hyatt Regency Miami, Floor: 3rd, Johnson I

Group Submission Type: Formal Panel Session (English)


How can technology extend, personalize and differentiate coaching to teachers who might otherwise never receive coaching? This panel will explore this question by sharing case examples and lessons learned from using technology to support teacher coaching. From approaches that are predominantly virtual to hybrid approaches utilizing technology-based and in-person elements of coaching, the presentations will highlight the pedagogical and technological benefits of and considerations in planning and implementing effective teacher coaching approaches in low-income contexts.

Mary Burns from Education Development Center will share experiences and lessons learned using “bug in the ear” technology as well as two-way skype-supported co-teaching approaches to provide teachers with real-time coaching at a distance. The design of these approaches is especially geared towards facilitating transfer of teachers’ learning from the “training room” to the classroom.

Matt Finholt-Daniel from RTI International will present on pedagogical and practical considerations in the design and development of Tangerine:Coach. Tangerine:Coach provides coaches with the ability to manage their school visits, highlighting which have been completed and which of the assigned schools remain to be visited in a given month. The software contains pre-formatted student assessments to be completed by coaches. Results from assessments are instantly combined with coaches’ classroom observation data for a rich feedback report to facilitate reflections between the coach and the teachers observed.

Daniel Waistell from Cambridge Education will share lessons learned from implementing teacher coaching using Tangerine:Coach in Sierra Leone and scaling its use to support teachers in all secondary schools of the country. The presentation will share findings from the impact of this technology on education in Sierra Leone, highlight implementation considerations, and limitations.

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