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Advancing the professional development of teachers and trainers in youth programs: Tools and approaches

Mon, March 23, 11:45am to 1:15pm, Hyatt Regency Miami, Floor: 24, Petite Suite #4

Group Submission Type: Formal Panel Session (English)


Much emphasis has been placed on the quality of curricula in youth skills training programs, but the curricula are only as good as the trainers who facilitate them. Yet many international youth programs treat trainers as an afterthought. Programs that work through formal education systems often focus heavily on teachers capacity to train youth, but these programs often work at a larger scale, leaving little room for targeted coaching for teachers. Education Development Center (EDC) has developed and tested several approaches to the professionalization of youth program teachers and trainers. By giving trainers targeted coaching and easy-to-use tools to assess the progress of students, teachers and trainers can better support the youth they work with. On a broader level, we aim to increase the professional standing of trainers, and improve the functioning of national education and workforce development systems that must reach – and positively impact - growing numbers of young people each year.

This panel will bring together three presentations about tools and/or approaches that support teachers and trainers to improve their teaching and continue their professional development. After the panelists present background information about each tool, the discussant will lead a comparative discussion, highlighting the benefits and drawbacks of each tool, and how the tools could be used in different contexts.

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