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Globalization—Working Together and Celebrating Our Differences
San Francisco! The name conjures images of the Golden Gate Bridge, China Town, Russian Hill, Union Square, Cable cars, Fisherman’s Wharf (eating Dungeness crab), countless beaches, and quaint enclaves. The city has enchanted and inspired many poets, song writers, artists, food connoisseurs, and now, dare we say it -- academics.

It certainly inspires our imagination.

With the advancement of supply-chain technologies, the globalization of commerce and lowering of international trade barriers continues to gain momentum. As the world seemingly contracts before us, cultural exchange is in full swing as the more we work together – the more we notice how different we are from one another. Ultimately, this globalization and multiculturalism give meaning to our working together. Thus, the chosen theme, “Working Together and Celebrating our Differences”, embodies not only our 2012 meeting but the city of San Francisco as well.

Come join us in our celebration of working together, overcoming our differences, and appreciating who we are and how we are different!

As a participant in the 2012 conference you can expect to enjoy the following:
  • Theme-based showcase sessions on each of the six continents featuring their unique decision making issues.
  • Plenary sessions on evolutionary decision making by Stuart Kauffman and on Toyota by Jeffrey Liker.
  • First ever track caucuses where you can meet other scholars that share similar research interests.
  • A warm welcome with numerous opportunities to meet new people, consider new research/teaching approaches, and enjoy the sights and sounds of San Francisco.
  • High quality invited and sponsored sessions featuring highly respected researchers, educators, and practitioners.
  • A variety of venues in which you can present and receive constructive feedback on your research and teaching innovations.
  • Opportunities to scout out the job market and/or the talent pool.
  • Discipline-based and inter-disciplinary tracks that address research, pedagogy, educational technologies, and more.

The venue for the 2012 DSI Annual Meeting will be the San Francisco Marriott, 55 Fourth Street. This hotel is centrally located and offers excellent access to restaurants, tours and entertainment, as well as scenic vistas of the beautiful San Francisco bay and Bay Bridge. For more information, visit the 2012 DSI website at
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