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2014 DSI Annual Meeting

November 22-25, 2014
Tampa Marriott Waterside, Tampa, FL, USA

DSI turns 45 in 2014! Over these last four decades we have witnessed an increasingly rapid pace of technological innovations. The technology that we now take for granted once existed only in the imagination of a few visionaries. Today’s technological innovations, with many more to come, are transforming business models and business education—and these changes are not confined to the world of business (think “Arab Spring”).

Against this backdrop, it seems apropos for us to not only reflect on the Institute’s past but also to begin envisioning the Institute’s future. What are the opportunities, challenges, and implications of the technologies already here or on the horizon . . . for DSI, individuals, creators and transmitters of knowledge, organizational leaders, and policy makers? The theme of the 2014 Annual Meeting of DSI, "Technology and the Rapidly Changing Global Business Landscape," aims to stimulate conversations around this broad question. We invite you to join this conversation by submitting your research for presentation, as well ideas for workshops and panels. And, by the way, we hope to continue making a number of changes to the conference—from the research tracks we will have (e.g., social media, privacy and security, etc.) to the types of research presentations we will cultivate (e.g., research into how business students learn, research into how to deliver and assess business curriculum, etc.) to the professional development sessions that keep us refreshed and energized (e.g., mid-career faculty consortium, writing a great teaching case workshop, how to publish in DSJ and DSJIE workshops). These changes, we believe, will resonate with DSI members. Navigate the conference website—DSI-Tampa2014.org—to find out more. In the meantime, hold the dates and make plans to join us at the Tampa Marriott Waterside for these sure-to-be-interesting conversations.