Individual Submission Summary

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Unveiling the Power of Information Sharing between Firm Innovativeness and Supply Chain Resilience

Sat, November 18, 1:00 to 2:30pm, Atlanta Marriott Marquis, Floor: International Level, International Salon 3


Supply chain disruptions threaten firms in today's competitive global economy. To counter this, firms must innovate resilient capabilities while balancing investments. This study examines the interactive influence of information sharing on firm innovativeness and resilience. Using a survey methodology, we empirically test our model which is theoretically grounded in a dynamic capabilities view. In this study, after analyzing the validity and reliability of instruments through exploratory factor analysis and confirmatory factor analysis, we conducted partial least squares structural equation modeling for inferential analysis. The findings highlight firm innovativeness as a significant precursor to supply chain resilience, irrespective of firm size.