Individual Submission Summary

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A System Dynamics Approach for Assessing Policy Impacts on Closed-Loop Supply Chain Efficiency: A Case Study on Electric Vehicle Batteries

Mon, November 20, 8:00 to 9:30am, Atlanta Marriott Marquis, Floor: International Level, International Salon A


With increased demand for electric vehicles, there is a growing need for recycling end-of-life batteries to recover raw materials. Current recycling rates are insufficient to meet the growing demands. This work models key factors, such as regulatory frameworks, economic incentives, and technological processes, that influence the throughput and the cost-effectiveness of battery recycling systems. A system dynamics model that considers production rates, collection capacity, and process effectiveness is constructed to study the overall closed-loop supply chain efficiency. This model can also simulate effects of stricter regulations on battery disposal, incentives for recycling, or investments in advanced recycling technologies.