Individual Submission Summary

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Onsite, Hybrid, and Remote Work Arrangements: A Quasi-Experiment of US Employees’ Performance and the Mediating Role of Organizational Citizenship

Mon, November 20, 10:00 to 11:30am, Atlanta Marriott Marquis, Floor: Marquis Level, M102


Existing research lacks an empirical examination of the effect of work arrangements (onsite, hybrid, and remote) on employees' performance. We develop a theoretical model to suggest that organizational citizenship can drive the effect of the remoteness of work on employee performance. We argue that increasing work remoteness reduces the ability of employees to receive or render help to colleagues. In turn, we hypothesize that the remoteness of work decreases organizational citizenship, and consequently employee performance. We recruit US employees and use a quasi-experimental design with three between-subjects conditions to empirically test our mode. Experimental evidence overall support our theoretical model.