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2024 Annual Meeting of the Decision Sciences Institute

Welcome 2024 Decision Sciences Institute Annual Conference submitters and volunteers! 

If you are a returning DSI participant or if this is your first time, you will need to create a new account to submit a paper for presentation, or volunteer at the 2024 Decision Sciences Institute Annual Conference in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.


You will need to provide at least your first name, last name, School or affiliation, and your email address for account creation.


This submission portal allows the following submission types.

  • Abstract Presentations
  • Full Papers
  • Panel Proposals
  • Workshop Proposals
  • Invited Sessions
  • Award Competitions

This system also allows you to volunteer as a peer paper reviewer or a session chair at the conference!


Visit the conference website for more information, including listing of tracks, submission instructions, workshops, panels, hotel and more.

Submission Deadlines 

Full Paper – June 1, 2024
All other submissions- June 15, 2024


We look forward to seeing you in Phoenix, Arizona, USA!

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