Session Submission Summary

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ECACTJ Panel 8. State Harms, Atrocities and Resistance

Thu, September 7, 5:00 to 6:15pm, Palazzo Congressi, Floor: ground floor, Congressi 1

Session Submission Type: Roundtable


This roundtable offers space to discuss state violence, organised harm, and resistance. The session aims to generate discussion around how criminologists might describe what is happening with state power, amid the increasing use of hate-driven policies to exclude, control, harm, and imprison marginalised communities. Amr and Hannah will open the panel with a paper outlining concerning global trends of rising authoritarianism, state enforcement and the violent crushing of resistance. Valeria will share research around a transdisciplinary framework to understand bottom-up resistance to atrocities. Roundtable discussion topics will include harms at borders and immigration detention sites; attacks to LGBTQI+ communities and human rights; the (ab)use of emergency powers flowing from Covid-19; and the crushing of resistance through state(-corporate) forces such as police, militaries, and private security companies. Panel members will be invited to respond and draw connections with their own research, before opening to an audience-led question and answer session.




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