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56th Annual Conference of the
International Communication Association
Dresden, Germany, June 19-23, 2006
Welcome to the ICA 2006 Conference On-line Program site. You may view the online program in two different ways:

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Conference Information:
Throughout the five-day conference, an estimated 1,800 scholars will attend over 400 presentations representing the latest advances in the field of communication.
The conference will be large, diverse, and high in quality across the board. The conference theme, "Networking Communication Research," received a tremendous response. The conference will reflect two aspects of theoretical, analytical and practical concerns of international scholars: networking among and with communication research interests and communication research being about networks and networking in both its mediated and unmediated forms.

ICA's local planning committee has arranged an amazing variety of activities to round out the conference experience. Our 2006 annual conference in Dresden promises to be one of ICA's best ever. Don't miss it!

For additional information visit the ICA 2006 Conference Site.
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