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Annual Convention International Communication Association

58th Annual Conference of the
International Communication Association
Montreal, Quebec, Canada, May 22-26, 2008
Welcome to the ICA 2008 Conference On-line Program site. The program is not available at this time. To submit a proposal, please visit the ICA Homepage (Click the link in the left column).


ALL divisions and interest groups will accept only online submissions for the Montreal conference. Contact information for each division and interest group will be provided for questions only. If you have specific questions regarding a division or interest group program, you may contact the unit program planner for that division or interest group.

The following guidelines apply to ALL submissions, including theme sessions and affiliate organizations.

Deadline: All submissions must be completed online (at this site) no later than 11:00 p.m. EST, November 1, 2007. To avoid technical problems, early submission is strongly encouraged. It is essential that you read the complete instructions carefully and prepare your submission prior to logging on.

Eligibility: You do not need to be an ICA member to submit a paper or proposal for the conference. When you visit the conference submission website, you will choose the "ICA Member" or the "Non-ICA Member" category and proceed according to onscreen instructions. Members must use the same email addresses as that in the ICA membership database to avoid creating a duplicate record.

Exclusive submissions: Each paper/proposal may be submitted to only ONE division or interest group, OR to the theme sessions. Submission of the same paper or proposal to more than one unit is NOT permitted. Submission of the same paper to more than one unit will disqualify the paper for presentation. You are welcome, however, to submit different papers or proposals to the same or different units; you may have your name, as an author or coauthor, on up to four different papers or panels. Decision notices will be sent around mid-January 2008.

Conference registration: Registration of your paper or proposal on the conference submission website does NOT enroll you as an ICA member, nor does it automatically register you for the conference itself. If your paper or proposal is accepted for presentation at the Montreal conference, you will be notified and must then register for the conference and pay the conference fee. Online membership application is always available on the ICA home page. Online registration for the Montreal conference will be available beginning in early 2008.

Email address: Each conference participant must use one and only email address for all submissions. If you are an ICA member, this should be the same email address you have entered into the ICA membership database. You should consider this your unique identification number for all ICA purposes.

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