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Testing Measurement Equivalence of Eudaimonic and Hedonic Entertainment Motivations in a Cross-Cultural Comparison

Sat, May 23, 10:30 to 11:45, Caribe Hilton, Flamingo C


Equivalence is a key concept in cross-cultural research. Within Hofstedeā€™s framework of individualistic and collectivistic cultures, this contribution examines measurement equivalence of hedonic and eudaimonic entertainment motivations in two different cultures, namely Germany representing a more individualistic culture (N = 209) and Turkey representing a more collectivistic culture (N = 112). By means of a multi-group confirmatory factor analysis (MCFA), we could secure configural invariance for both hedonic and eudaimonic entertainment motivations across the German and Turkish sample. Metric invariance, however, could only be obtained for hedonic, but not for eudaimonic motivations. Scalar invariance was obtained for neither of the two entertainment motivations. The study points to the importance of equivalence testing when conducting cross-cultural research.