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Social Support and Organization-Public Relationship (OPR) Associations With Publics’ Health Behavior Intentions

Sun, May 24, 9:00 to 10:15, Caribe Hilton, Flamingo C


This study quantitatively investigated the impact of social support and organization-public relationship (OPR) on publics’ health behavior intentions. This study considered social support and OPR as important factors affecting publics’ health behavior intentions such as revisiting health care providers, Word-Of-Mouth (WOM) behaviors, prevention behaviors, and treatment behaviors. Three research hypotheses guided this study. First, this study examined the direct influence of social support on health behavior intentions. Second, this study examined the direct influence of OPR on health behavior intentions. Lastly, this study examined whether OPR moderates the relationship between social support and publics’ health behavior intentions.
A survey of 301 students examined how they perceive their social support and relationship with their health care organization. By conducting an online survey with students at University of Florida, the study revalidated the influence of social support on publics’ health behavior intentions. This study also found that OPR positively impacts publics’ health behavior intentions. The strong association between OPR and health behavior intentions suggests that OPR may be an important variable that health communication practitioners and scholars should consider as potentially important in understanding patients’ health behavior intentions.

Keywords: social support, organization-public relationship (OPR), health behavior


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