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Radical Media as Street Art: Graffiti in Postrevolution Egypt

Sat, May 23, 9:00 to 10:15, Caribe Hilton, San Cristobal Ballroom F


In this study, Downing’s (2001) radical media theoretical framework was applied to a qualitative content analysis of graffiti from the Egyptian 2011 uprising. For the purpose of this study, 500 graffiti images from 5 different Facebook pages that are dedicated to the Egyptian 2011 uprising’s graffiti were examined. Specifically, this study aims to inquire about the political function of the Egyptian uprising’s graffiti and the messages that are referenced in those graffiti. Findings indicate that graffiti messaging reflected the sociopolitical struggle in which the graffiti artists/activists are involved. Such graffiti served as radical media enabling those who are subordinated to express their opposition at those who are in power (Downing, 2001). Some of the most recurring themes were images against the military junta and images of martyrs who lost their lives in clashes between protestors and the police during and post the January 2011 uprising.


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