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The 66th Annual Conference of the International Communication Association

The 66th Annual Conference of the International Communication Association:
Communicating With Power
Fukuoka Sea Hawk Hilton Hotel
9-13 June 2016

Throughout the five-day conference, an estimated 2,500 scholars from more than 40 countries will attend over 550 presentations representing the latest advances in the field of communication. The conference will be large, the topics diverse, and the papers and presentation of the highest quality. As communication scholars, we research a field so important that it is protected by all constitutions and, at the highest level, by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The subject matter of our study, human expression and its formal form as media, is protected because governments recognize (or at least declare that they do) human expression and the media can be politically charged. Through communication, we make the difference to democracy and thereby make a difference in the lives of others. The theme of this year’s conference is a reminder to us as well as the larger world about the potential contribution of our work and raising awareness about such contribution. The theme of the conference is therefore aimed at raising our profile in communicating effectively with not only government agencies and corporate players but also civil society and grassroots organizations. The acts of communication occur at micro, meso, and macro levels, from psychological to interpersonal, from organizational to global. They need more theoretical critique, methodological rigor, philosophical reflection, creative intervention, and alternative historical imagination. The theme may be understood at two levels: communicating power is about communicating—both sending and receiving—powerfully or forcefully; and how can we make our research better understood by those with the power to use them for good. We cannot be naïve if we want to communicate with power. Sometimes, communicating with power requires us to bypass power centers entirely because they are flawed or corrupted and appeal directly to our audience. The currency of academia is influence. If we can influence to make a positive difference, we will have communicated with power.

The opening plenary will begin at 18:00 Thursday evening 9 June. The conference will once again include three more plenary interactive poster sessions. We will conclude with a closing plenary and sessions ending at 16:45 on Monday 13 June.

This year’s conference promises to be one of the largest in ICA history. While this is exciting, it also presents unique challenges. It is likely to cause congestion in between sessions and the possibility of crowded or full presentations. We ask for all attendees to be patient and understanding if you are unable to attend the session of your choice. As well, the conference host hotel may not be able to accommodate all attendees due to the large number of participants. We sincerely appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

This conference, ICA will continue “going green.” You will notice recyclable conference bags, name badges and lanyards. We also eliminated the conference bag “stuffers” and handouts. ICA has worked with the Fukuoka Hilton to recycle conference materials and to eliminate much of the waste in food and beverage. To assist the “going green” effort of ICA, conference attendees will be given the option to select the conference program as an “app” for their mobile device rather than a printed program. We hope you will join us in our “green” efforts.
An outstanding lineup of 26 pre and 5 post conference workshops will address a variety of topics of special interest to all ICA members. This year, ICA is also continuing “Blue Sky Workshops”: open conversation meetings that session chairs dedicate to specific (future) research challenges. The session format is flexible and can be individualized by the chairs; the objective, however, is not to replicate the standard format of single presenters and a listening audience, but rather to facilitate active contribution by each attendant.
Other sessions of special interest to new and student members will include the annual New Member and Graduate Student Orientation. Our exhibit area will feature exhibit booths highlighting products, services and publishers important to communication research; special events, receptions, and book signings; and a message board. Free wireless internet will be offered though out the conference venue.

Look for all the registration options as you make your decisions about the Fukuoka, Japan conference! Our 2016 annual conference in Fukuoka promises to be one of ICA’s best ever. Don’t miss it! The complete conference program will be posted on the ICA website in early March.