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Transnational Journalism Networks as Drivers of Europeanization

Sun, June 12, 8:00 to 9:15, Fukuoka Hilton, Kaede


This paper analyzes characteristics that qualify emerging transnational journalism networks in Europe with respect to their potential impact on the Europeanization of national mass media. We argue that the characteristics of the networks of journalists, namely the level of organization and control of a network and the degree of cooperation among the journalists involved influence the degree of Europeanization of the coverage. In our study we develop a theoretical model which outlines relevant criteria and their impact. Our expectations are explored in three case studies which look at EU issues and involve journalists from a variety of European countries and beyond. The cases represent joint efforts of transnational investigative journalism and subsequent publication of European issues. They show that European cross-border journalism is conducive to the horizontal Europeanization of public sphere.


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