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Between Association and Dissociation: How Parents Influence Media Innovativeness at Later Life Stages

Sun, June 12, 9:30 to 10:45, Fukuoka Hilton, Kashi


The present article deals with parents’ influence on media innovativeness at later life stages. In line with existing research, we argue that the adoption of media innovations depends on a domain-specific inherent media innovativeness which we conceptualize as the willingness to spend time and money on media innovations. We discuss how this trait might be influenced by parental media education and parents’ own media innovativeness which could serve as a model. Resulting assumptions are tested in a telephone survey (n = 434). Results show that individuals who have perceived their parents as innovative media users have a higher media innovativeness themselves. Parental restrictions of media use also increase innovativeness, but only in terms of money spent on media innovations. Moreover, the effect of parental restrictions is a conditional one. It only occurs when parents were not perceived innovative. The model of parents’ media innovativeness outshines the effects of media education.


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