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Entertainment-Education in a Saturated Media Environment: The Enduring Effects of an Ebola Puppet Safety Announcement

Fri, June 10, 12:30 to 13:45, Fukuoka Hilton, Grand Foyer


Entertainment Education (EE) campaigns – long a staple of development communication – must now fight to gain attention in competitive media environments around the world. Many different avenues are available today for message distribution and targeted audience members often have access to at least rudimentary mobile phones that can be incorporated into campaigns. In this paper, we report on the design and evaluation of a novel video message created to disseminate Ebola safety information in Uganda. Our experimental evaluation indicates that the exposure to the message increased subjects’ knowledge about Ebola safety and that this knowledge gain persisted until a follow-up phone survey. In addition to confirming the utility of the treatment message, this study illustrates the possibility of conducting fairly sophisticated evaluation research quickly and affordably, on the ground in a major African city.