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Does "Easy" Really Do It? Processing Fluency and its Effects on Liking: A Meta-Analysis

Sun, May 28, 15:30 to 16:45, Hilton San Diego Bayfront, Floor: 2, Indigo 206


Hedonic marking of processing fluency principle states that processing fluency – which is subjective ease experienced during information processing – is hedonically marked and thus yields positive impact on evaluative judgements such as liking (Winkielman, Schwarz, Fazendiero & Reber, 2003). This meta-analysis summarizes past research on processing fluency and its effects on liking to test that assumption. A random effects model using n = 43 correlations shows small support for fluency-liking link (r = 0.29 [CI= 0.21, 0.37], p < 0.001). Moderator analyses were also conducted and substantial and significant effects were found for study design type (between versus within subjects studies) as well as types of fluency manipulations. Results also suggest publication bias in the literature. Implications for theory and methods are discussed.
Keywords: information processing, fluency, hedonic marking, liking, meta-analysis


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