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Social Pan-Africanism: Expanding the #FeesMustFall Movement Across a Networked Africa

Sun, May 28, 15:30 to 16:45, Hilton San Diego Bayfront, Floor: 4, Sapphire Ballroom M


With the proliferation of online social networks, communicative boundaries between Millennials in different regions of Africa have been blurred.  The emergence of online platforms lead to social Pan-Africanism which engages in the idea of a future where Africans are engaged in a more unified economic, social, and political self-determination. Utilizing the 2015 #FeesMustFall, South African tuition protests, which occurred both offline and through Twitter, this paper uses the protest as a case study to explore the structure of networked social movements and the extent to which they challenge transnational boundaries for social change. Furthermore, this paper argues that social networks offer a lens to examine relevance to transnational connective action, efforts for decolonization, and a reconfiguration of social movements in the age of the Internet.   


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