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Mediatization and Theoretical Convergence

Sun, May 28, 14:00 to 15:15, Hilton San Diego Bayfront, Floor: 3, Aqua Salon F

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This panel explore the relationships between mediatization theory and other branches of social theory, both general and specific. The concept of mediatization has generated an expanding level of interest in recent years as a framework for understanding the ways in which changing media technologies, practices and institutions are implicated in other processes of social and cultural change. As the use of the concept has expanded and the range of empirical studies has become more diverse, scholars have increasingly been pressed both to clarify what they mean by "mediatization," and what kinds of processes, practices or "logics" it may involve and to confront the fact that mediatization may take many different forms in different domains and contexts. In this panel, we seek to advance the discussion of these issues by placing mediatization theory in dialogue with other bodies of social theory, showing both how the conceptualization of mediatization can be clarified by placing it within a wider theoretical context, and how mediatization theory can contribute to advances in social theory more generally.

Briggs and Hallin build from a case study of health news to place the literature on mediatization into dialogue with a body of literature in medical anthropology and sociology and in science and technology studies on biomedicalization. Hjavard builds on a case study of populist politics on immigration issues to reconceptualize the relationships among cultural and institutional theories of politics and media. Peruško uses comparative analysis of European digital mediascapes to explore the relationship between mediatization theory and media systems theory.

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